Comprehensive viewership and ad analytics platform
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Key capabilities

Derive patterns and make intelligent decisions on content and ads
Access data across all metrics

Understand consumption patterns across content genres, platforms and viewing devices

Clearly visualize data insights

Get a detailed view of content viewership and advertising operations within an easy-to-navigate dashboard

Content metrics for linear channels

Seamlessly integrate EPG within the Amagi ANALYTICS platform to gather viewers’ consumption and behavior patterns

Track real-time monetization data

Make effective revenue planning and forecast thanks to live data on content monetization metrics and ad viewing patterns

Track concurrent users

The dashboard displays the total number of concurrent users including maximum, minimum and average for a duration of 24 hours

Schedule reports on viewership and ad-ops

Daily, weekly, or monthly reports allow you to create an editable repository of data analyses

Unified platform for all

Analytics for the full value chain including content owners, streaming platforms running multiple channel streams, and advertisers

Intuitive Web UI, anywhere

Thanks to its cloud architecture, users can access Amagi ANALYTICS remotely from any location worldwide, in real time