Accelerate your FAST success story with Amagi ANALYTICS

Accelerate your FAST success story with Amagi ANALYTICS

Read our whitepaper to understand how data and insights steer your programming and advertising strategies for Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST) in the right direction.

Traditional TV advertisers and broadcasters relied on TV ratings based on focus group reports and sample surveys. They also accessed limited insights from data tools such as Nielsen panels that provided representative coverage across demographics and probabilistic attribution using panels. Lack of reliable data and insights led to a culture of ‘spray and pray’ among content publishers and advertisers. 

In contrast, the internet-driven streaming TV and OTT market relies on analytics to understand their content and ad performance, their consumers, and their market better.

This includes the world of FAST, driven by the aggressive growth of connected TV (CTV), where data and insights play a prominent role in influencing programming and monetization decisions.

Data has changed the way we look at viewers, allowing content owners to determine the preferences of virtually all visitors without focus group reports and sample surveys. The pool of data has gotten so large that content owners can now identify the smallest of causes for any failure or success.

Our whitepaper discusses the role of analytics and covers the following in detail:

  • Why data matters for FAST
  • Deriving patterns and delivering predictions with data
  • Unearthing smart data & insights with Amagi ANALYTICS – our homegrown analytics platform, integrated with our SSAI platform – Amagi THUNDERSTORM
  • Viewership and ad performance metrics 
  • How to ace programming & advertising strategies with insights
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