Cloud Playout

Broadcast-grade channel playout platform for TV & OTT

What is Amagi CLOUDPORT

Amagi CLOUDPORT is Amagi’s award-winning cloud-based channel playout platform. It offers broadcast-grade quality with the flexibility of true cloud or edge deployment, and can be used to deliver channels over satellite, fiber, or IP. Unlike traditional playout systems, Amagi CLOUDPORT leverages automation of processes such as playlist generation, and quality checks for configurable parameters. Amagi CLOUDPORT can be also deployed to manage live broadcast and can ingest content from multiple live sources, while the Digital Video Effects (DVE) and advanced graphics make the experience even richer for the user.

Amagi CLOUDPORT is the most versatile playout platform available today and can ingest all industry-preferred formats for audio, video, and subtitles. It can generate output in multiple formats such as HLS, RTMP, and HD-SDI, and can also be used for VOD delivery to vMVPD platforms.


  • Flexibility of cloud with broadcast-grade quality
  • 99.99% SLA and 24x7 support
  • Automation-driven playout management
  • Advanced dynamic graphics

What can you use Amagi CLOUDPORT for?

Launch Digital-First Channels
Launch Digital-First Channels

Launch linear OTT channels on leading OTT streaming and vMVPD platforms such as YouTube TV, Amazon Prime Video, Verizon, Sony PlayStation Vue, Roku, Philo, XUMO and Twitch, among others.

Centrally manage multi-country linear TV feeds
Centrally manage multi-country linear TV feeds

Deliver content directly to the operators using true cloud or edge playout. Both options offer remote playout management.

Improve efficiency of large broadcast operations
Improve efficiency of large broadcast operations

Manage hundreds of feeds and scale up at will using cloud and automated processes for QC and monitoring.



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Technical Specifications

Ingest Features

  • Video: MOV, MXF, MPG,MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MPEG-TS etc.
  • Audio: Up to 16 tracks supported PCM, Dolby E, Dolby Digital AC3, AAC, MP2
  • Graphics: TGA, MOV, Adobe After Effects (Dynamic)
  • Subtitles/ Closed captions: Upto 16 subtitles (Open/closed) EBU STL, SRT, PAC, DVB, Teletext, .890
Ingest Features

Playout Features

  • Multisite workflows with the ability to perform HD to SD down / up conversions in output
  • Multichannel playout in SDI/IP/ASI output
  • Evergreen content played as rescue to avoid blackouts
  • Customizable AsRun logs
  • Role-based user permissions, audit trails of user activities, and customizable alerts
Playout Features

Live Playout Controls

  • Real-time master-control view
  • Live on/off
  • Live ad breaks
  • Play live graphics
  • Logo on/off
  • Skip/Skip next
  • Play now/Play graphics now
  • Real-time text such as ticker, social media feeds.


  • 10 Hardware graphics layers & unlimited software layers
  • Dynamic graphics from media database, asset meta data and playlist data
  • Adobe After Effects compatibility
  • Full-screen graphics
  • Social media integration
  • Static/Animated logos/bugs
  • Countdown timers
  • Ticker/Scrolls/Lower thirds overlay
  • L-bands
  • Picture-in-Picture (PIP) effect
  • Video squeeze back
  • Voice overlays


How is Amagi different from cloud playout vendors?

Unlike other cloud playout vendors, Amagi’s services and solutions are based on in-house tech stack, automated, error-free, with faster deployment timelines. Amagi provides complete transparency and flexibility, and can launch channels on both TV or OTT platforms with ease.

How is Amagi different from traditional playout service providers?

Amagi’s offering is built on cloud native platforms, which allows TV networks to spin up new channels without high upfront CAPEX, and with lower OPEX.

I have a sports channel? How can Amagi platform support sports?

Amagi can help you launch sports channels with either an end-to-end managed service model, or with CLOUDPORT playout platform. Amagi’s solution covers all aspects of live channel requirement such as:

  • Cloud-based media asset management
  • Live controls for ad insertion
  • Scheduling
  • 24x7 Multi-feed playout monitoring

Amagi has helped launch premium sports channels for leading networks such as DSPORT by Discovery Communications, and IMG EdgeSport.

I have to deliver my channel to cable headends? Can you deliver the feed to them?

Yes, Amagi can deliver directly to the headend using IP, satellite, or fiber. Amagi’s CLOUDPORT server can also be installed at the operator headend and still give you complete control of playout

How secure is the cloud? What if you get hacked?

Amagi’s offering is built on some of the most secure cloud instances available, such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Content, playout, and all assets such as graphics are stored with advanced 128-bit encryption. Additionally, Amagi’s user interface is protected by user defined access to avoid any unauthorized access.

What SLAs can you guarantee?

Amagi can guarantee an SLA of 99.99%. In case of an end-to-end playout and delivery service, distribution SLAs may vary based on the choice of satellite or fiber vendor. Amagi also guarantees resolution of critical issues within one hour and provides a 1+1 redundant playout configuration.

How do you provide 24x7 support? How do you ensure 365x24x7 uptime for my channel?

Amagi’s services are offered in ‘follow-the-sun’ model with a full-fledged playout management facility located in Bangalore. Amagi’s user interface enables the playout management teams to provide 24x7 support remotely. The playout management services offer three levels of support to ensure maximum uptime for your channel.

What support is included in your offering?

Amagi offers on-call and email L1, and L2 support, and L3 technical support for all customer deployments, and uses JIRA ticket management system for on-time resolution of all issues.

  • L1 Support is the first point of contact for any issues and is responsible for ticketing and monitoring. - L2 support team includes direct phone or email-based ticket resolution for all CLOUDPORT playout platform issues. - L3 support team works on issues that may require bug fixes or enhancement requests.

I don’t want to use public cloud? Can I use my private cloud?

Yes, Amagi’s platform can be configured for private or hybrid cloud deployments.

I want my feed to go to multiple countries with different time zones? Do you support it? How?

Amagi can create a regional or time-adjusted feed using the edge or cloud playout solutions. Both options eliminate the need to launch multiple satellite or fiber feeds.

For Edge playout, content can be sent to the CLOUDPORT edge playout servers using internet. Once the content is stored on edge servers, playout can be managed remotely as per regional schedule using the web user interface.

Cloud playout can be used for purely cloud-based delivery. In this case, the channel playout is completely on cloud, and final output is directly sent to the operator.