Cloud-based Automation and Playout
Platform for TV and Streaming
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key capabilities

Unparalleled functionality to support your cloud playout needs
SaaS automation and playout platform

pay-as-you-go model: all OPEX, zero CAPEX

Virtualized delivery

spin up and down channels on-the-fly in just hours

Comprehensive playout

deliver content, graphics, captions and metadata on multiple streaming formats, up to UHD resolution

Efficient VOD

deliver VOD assets using cloud transcoding and automated delivery


capture data from streams, media files, and multiple playlist formats including IBMS, BXF, ELG, XML, txt and csv


up to 5TB of data, easily expandable based on your needs

Automated processing

playlists from data scheduling, EPGs, graphics placements, ad insertion and more

Media library

comprehensive asset search and filter options to add to your playlists

Advanced graphics

support for HTML & Adobe® After Effects graphics from media database, asset metadata and playlists into channel playout with dynamic effects

Subtitles / closed captions

choose from a range of 3rd party systems for text-on-screen


AES 128-bit encryption, role-based user permissions, user activity audit trail and customizable alerts

Playout audit

generate customizable As-Run logs