Workflow orchestration platform for seamless VOD delivery
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Key capabilities

A unified solution for all your VOD and linear content delivery needs
Easy-to-use interface

Intuitive Web UI with “watch folder” media processing capabilities and REST API for interoperability of multiple systems over IP

Fully control your ingest pipe

Turn the ingest pipe on or off for specific content providers and platforms, with the ability to update existing assets using the same pipe

Integrated workflow engine for hot deployment

Support for long-term asynchronous media processes: introduce new workflows and modules without affecting the runtime stack

Seamless integration with Amagi CLOUDPORT

Create custom workflows to manage queues, prioritize delivery platforms and schedule media processing jobs as needed

Support for industry standard feed formats

Orchestrate workflow metadata with mRSS/Cable labs 1.1 (ADI) and CSV, and validate and normalize all feeds based on required specifications

Validation of input sources and support for multiple file types

All delivery packages can be validated based on automated jobs with support for video files, multilingual audio and subtitle tracks, and multiple image types such as thumbnails, banners, and logos

Transcoding for multiple output formats

Transcode media assets to multiple output formats, mux or demux of multi-track audio and subtitles and convert subtitle formats - or integrate with your existing third party transcoder

High speed delivery mechanism

Integration with Aspera file transfer solutions for high-speed VOD asset transfer and distribution to multiple vMVPD platforms