How FAST Channels Complement On-Demand Strategy

How FAST Channels Complement On-Demand Strategy

FAST continues to take the world by storm

Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST) continues to be the world’s favorite streaming model. Amagi's Global FAST Report Edition 10 shows that this FAST revolution is spearheaded by a 30% growth in Hours Of Viewing (HOV), a 45% growth in channel deliveries, and a 15% increase in ad impressions globally. APAC leads exponential growth, boasting a 352% growth in ad impressions in a Q4 2022 vs. Q4 2023 analysis. LATAM follows closely, witnessing a steady surge in ad impressions (173%) for the same period. This surge in growth unlocks promising opportunities for FAST services, content owners, and advertisers to elevate viewership and optimize revenue streams.

Are SVOD and AVOD enough for you to thrive?

While both the Advertising-based Video On Demand (AVOD) and Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) sectors are poised for strong growth, relying on just the VOD model may not give you the reach and diverse distribution strategy you need to increase revenue. This is where FAST comes in.

The future of streaming – it’s FAST, free, and full of content choices

Top FAST growth catalysts

  • Who doesn’t love free entertainment? Viewers don’t mind watching relevant ads in exchange for free content
  • Massive popularity of Connected TV (CTV) The more living rooms CTV reaches, the better the reach for FAST services
  • Plethora of content choices FAST is full of a huge library of content options for viewers to choose from

Experts share thoughts and experiences on FAST's co-existence with AVOD and SVOD

VIDEO: Advertisers look at AVOD and FAST in the same bucket

Paul Cheesbrough, CEO of Tubi, explores the dynamic shift in attracting advertisers to FAST platforms previously untapped by traditional business models. He emphasizes the convergence of CTV, predicting that FAST and AVOD will compete in the same advertising revenue pool.  

VIDEO: How AVOD and FAST coexist on Tubi

Cheesbrough delves into the pivotal role of discoverability when managing an extensive content library. He illuminates Tubi's strategic approach, leveraging FAST to enhance their vast content repository's discoverability, optimizing each content asset's value. 


VIDEO: How AVOD and FAST coexist due to similarities

Kevin McGurn, President, Sales & Distribution, Vevo, describes how AVOD and FAST are not that different and shares the audience demographics for both. This in-depth panel discussion describes FAST as an evolved form of AVOD. 

VIDEO: Venturing into FAST with AVOD and broadcast business

Understand the dual aspect of distributing and acquiring channels that highlights the importance of understanding audience monetization.

In this Amagi Insights piece, dive deeper into:

  • Why you need FAST to complete your distribution strategy
  • Getting the lean-forward and lean-backward balance right
  • How Amagi can help you navigate the FAST ecosystem
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