Viewership and Ad Analytics platform

What is Amagi ANALYTICS?

Amagi understands the inherent need for a viewership and Ad analytics platform for effective decision making in the fast-growing streaming TV space. Content owners and streaming platforms today are driving business objectives and revenue targets based on content monetization. So, a thorough Amagi ANALYTICS dashboard, providing insights on viewership and advertising trends is the need of the hour. Amagi’s Amagi ANALYTICS platform gives deep insights into attributes such as content provider, geographical region, streaming platforms, devices, channels, content assets, ad-ops and more.

The platform gives a birds-eye view of viewership and advertising analytics generated to highlight key metrics such unique views, sessions, average viewing time, total viewership, concurrent users, and content load time. The platform also highlights advertising metrics such as ad breaks, ad requests, responses, total number of ad assets received, impressions, completion rates and ad drops. Amagi Amagi ANALYTICS platform allows the content owners, streaming TV operators and advertisers to have a complete foresight into their monetization strategies, revenue planning, viewership patterns, and channel programming.


  • End-to-end analytics for viewership and ad monetization
  • Access metrics for any region, device, channel, content asset, and time zone
  • Get live data on concurrent users on a CCU graph
  • Access all metrics for ad operations seamlessly
  • Generate key reports for viewership and advertisement operations

What can you use Amagi ANALYTICS for?

Viewership analytics
Viewership analytics

Access all the data related to content viewership metrics such as unique viewers, unique sessions, and total viewership duration to understand the viewing patterns in a specific region, device type and streaming platforms, for a particular content asset or a linear channel.

Ad analytics
Ad analytics

Access all the data related to content monetization and ad viewing patterns of the user. Based on key metrics such as ad opportunities and ad completion rate, the dashboard provides all the data with regards to ad opportunities, ad requests, ad responses, ad assets, total impressions, and conversion rate.

Analytics reporting
Analytics reporting

Access viewership and advertising report for multiple channels, based on the template you choose on the dashboard. The user can select various dimensions and access average session duration and count. Access all advertising operations metrics and ad-drop metrics for complete analytics on channel monetization.




Who can use Amagi ANALYTICS platform for business?

All content owners who deliver and monetize linear streams to OTT and Free Ad Supported TV (FAST) platforms can use this platform. Platform operators too can leverage the intuitive dashboard to view detailed analytics on viewership and ad monetization operations.

What attributes and datapoints can be accessed on the dashboard for viewership and advertisements?

You can access viewership metrics including unique, total, and average sessions to get precise data on viewer behaviour in different platforms, channels, region, device, etc. Ad Analytics feature provides data related of content monetization and ad viewing patterns of the viewers, such as total ad opportunities, ad requests, ad responses, total impressions, conversion rate, etc.

Does the platform dashboard show real-time data analytics?

You can view real-time data analytics on parameters such as content viewership and ad monetization operations, including live status of concurrent users for a particular channel, region, device, and content asset among others.

Can I access data related to content monetization and ad-viewing patterns?

You can access all the metrics for ad monetization operations and dropped ads on the platform. You can also access business-critical metrics such as ad transcoding failure, ad overflow, invalid and empty ad responses.

What are the concurrent user metrics available on the dashboard?

The dashboard shows real-time user hitting our beacons every single minute. The CCU graph shows minute-wise concurrent users’ data over a period of one hour by default, which can be changed to 12 hours or 24 hours.

What type of reports can be generated on the platform?

You can use two standard report templates. Generate multiple reports for viewership and advertising operations to get deep insight into your global streaming operations with great emphasis on ad operation metrics.

Can EPG be enabled on this product?

Yes, EPG can be enabled with this platform. User can look at content viewing behaviour between the selected date range along with other selected dimensions, and access data on total and unique views and total viewing minutes for a particular content asset.