Cloud technology for TV broadcasters

Bring it together with cloud

Cloud technology is disrupting economies and business models across multiple industries worldwide. Leveraging utility-computing, storage and network bandwidth – it enables flexible, boundless and globally coordinated operations. It also allows the timely scaling of infrastructure in tune with business needs, and helps in developing distribution models that let businesses reach their end-users directly.

As broadcasting responds to the existing market dynamics of global content access and to the Internet as a distribution platform, cloud computing infrastructure is the only option for TV networks and content owners to scale their business and make it competitive in terms of ROI. By embracing the cloud, broadcasters can render their investments and businesses future-proof in the coming decades.

Download this white paper to know more about:

  • Flavors of the cloud
  • How can TV broadcasters leverage the Cloud
  • Content creator to broadcaster workflow
  • Post-production workflow
  • Content delivery to distribution platform
  • Direct-to-consumer distribution model
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