Case Study

Creating and delivering a linear TV channel from OTT content

How a faith-based organization successfully created a linear TV channel from existing OTT content, using cost-effective cloud managed broadcast.

The customer was streaming their OTT channel through their website, and also making the content available on demand. However, to reach out to the Sub-Saharan Africa, the customer’s team wanted to start a linear TV channel, remotely operable from USA.

A traditional playout platform would have required investing heavily into a complex live playout solution, as well as expensive fiber or satellite delivery to uplink station. Additionally, the customer would have to recruit teams for multiple functions such as ingest, monitoring, and delivery, increasing the operational costs.

Download the case study to understand how Amagi leveraged its SKYLIGHT managed services for end-to-end linear channel creation. Amagi’s team helped ingest the content, integrate other sources, and facilitated satellite uplink through deployment of CLOUDPORT playout server.

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