Redefining TV and OTT in times of Cloud and SaaS

Learn how cloud and SaaS based technologies are changing the way how TV and OTT content are being delivered by the providers and viewed by the audiences.

Baskar Subramanian and Ashish Kolvalker take you through the process of how technology is shaping the TV and OTT fields while also touching upon the relevant careers in this domain.

Baskar Subramanian
Co-founder and CEO
Ashish Kolvalker
Global Head HR

On Demand Webinar

Key topics covered
  • The industry's response to cloud for broadcasting and streaming
  • Cloud for live broadcast - sports and news
  • Cloud transition in India comparted to the West
  • Skill sets for building cloud solutions for TV and OTT
  • Culture and Innovation at Amagi
Recommended audience

Software engineers, product managers, project managers, and professionals working/interested in SaaS-based solutions and are curious to know how cloud is redefining TV and OTT industry.