THRIVE in the FAST world in 2021 and beyond

THRIVE in the FAST world in 2021 and beyond

Welcome to the Free Ad Supported Streaming TV (FAST) universe! As a content owner, you would love to be a part of this rapidly growing world if you are looking to delight a far wider expanse of audiences, while enjoying maximum returns on your content.

Reach + Revenues. Those are the key attractions of this evolving market segment.

FAST belongs to the larger ecosystem of AVOD (advertising-supported video on demand) where marketers are estimated to spend over $25 billion on ads by 2025.

While cable and Pay TV are almost in their sunset years, the subscription video on demand (SVOD) market, dominated by the likes of Netflix and Amazon, offers little room for new players to increase customers’ share of wallet. It is in this

FAST platforms consist of pre-programmed linear channels weaved along with dynamically targeted ads. Viewers can watch these channels for free on connected devices like Roku boxes and smart TVs like Samsung smart TV & Vizio smart TV

scenario that the free ad supported model has emerged as the frontrunner in the race for consumer attention and loyalty, and advertising revenues.

So why join the FAST revolution?

Well, it is all about being where your audiences are. Sample these numbers:

  • 200 million global viewers are indulging themselves on the ad supported platforms
  • 47% of US consumers are tuned into this space

Look at the top three reasons for audience migration to the linear channels.

  • Tired of too many! Gen Z & Millennials with ~ 5 streaming video subscriptions are suffering from subscription fatigue. This is evident in the YoY subscriber growth, which is down to 31% in 2019 from 119% in 2017.
  • Money is still king! 65% consumers are seeking cheaper ad-supported options.
  • Easy discoverability. Yes, streaming has come a full circle with audiences now hankering for a comfortable ‘lean back’ experience that FAST channels easily provide.

Free ad supported channels offer a good spread of content with a linear TV like experience, and a decent load of ads that does not overwhelm viewers. Definitely more for less!

Join this growing universe, which today comprises more than 500 channels (and still growing) across leading platforms including Pluto TV, Roku, STIRR, Samsung TV Plus, Xumo, Peacock and Tivo+.

The best part is FAST has won the confidence of even big media companies who have plunged into the space with significant investments. Here are the stories, in a nutshell.

Comcast acquired Xumo for over $100 million

ViacomCBS acquired Pluto TV for $340 million

Fox acquired Tubi for $490 million

NBCUniversal launched Peacock

Script your own success story

We can certainly say that now is the right time to tap into a panoply of opportunities unravelling at quick pace in the free streaming TV segment. From cable operators and specialized niche app players to some of the largest TV networks, a growing number of brands are getting on board, making this a very competitive space.

So get started! Leverage an end-to-end, tightly integrated cloud playout platform for content ingest, scheduling and playout as well as channel monetization.

  • Create linear channels by making the most of your existing content and workflows.
  • Get your channels before 200 million and growing pool of viewers by effectively distributing them to all the leading connected devices and streaming platforms.
  • Most importantly, make your content perform with dynamic ad insertion and boost your revenues.
  • Finally, get detailed analytics and insights into viewership and platform performance to be able to ace your FAST content and advertising strategies.

Get the Amagi advantage

As the largest FAST provider in the industry, we have got just what you need to thrive in this increasingly competitive ecosystem including data-backed insights into audience behavior and content performance.

You can count on us as your one stop broadcast team who can manage your end-to-end channel creation, distribution and monetization requirements – with agility and proven technical excellence.

With Amagi as your strategic technology and business partner, you can effortlessly navigate your FAST business strategy. Here are some of our key strengths.

  • 50+ FAST platform partnerships
  • 100+ platform partnerships globally
  • 500+ channels on our cloud platform
  • 20-30 channels launched every month

Quick time to launch | Maximum reach & engagement | Higher revenues

If you are looking to build or strengthen your presence across FAST, reach out to us at