Leverage Amagi CLOUDPORT to solve four earsplitting challenges audio brands face

By Senior Director, Product Marketing - June 13, 2022
Leverage Amagi CLOUDPORT to solve four earsplitting challenges audio brands face

If you are an audio brand, I have a few critical questions for you. Have you tapped into the potential of your channel completely? Does your channel have unique differentiators that set it apart from the competition? Are you doing enough to scale your brand and take it to new heights?

Did you know that more than 50% of audio listeners use Free Ad-Supported TV (FAST) services to access their favorite music and podcasts? With this growing incline towards FAST services, now is the ideal time for audio-centric brands like yours to take advantage of this opportunity.

Powering new linear programming experiences can help you widen your reach and attain newer revenue streams. All in all, your move into the FAST space with a robust cloud technology provider can unlock scale and maximize content monetization for you. Contact us to get started on FAST.

Amagi CLOUDPORT, Amagi’s award-winning broadcast-grade cloud playout platform, can optimize the delivery of linear channels to the most popular FAST platforms for you.

Amagi CLOUDPORT: Key features for audio brands

  • Highest quality audio & video ingest
  • Easy content curation & management with support for rich metadata
  • Simplified scheduling to reduce time & effort involved
  • Flexibility & agility
  • Rich experiences with advanced dynamic graphics
  • Integration with DAI platform for hassle-free, effective content monetization
  • Single schedule for all channels & platforms
  • EPG optimization
  • Sharp insights to drive better strategy & results


Let’s look at possible challenges in your FAST journey and how Amagi CLOUDPORT can help overcome them.

Challenge #1: How to maximize your content value

As new content comes in, the older titles either end up in the archives or at the back of the catalog, thus losing visibility. This makes it extremely difficult to realize the full monetization potential of your content and broaden your content’s reach.

Solution: Your archives. Your trump card.

Linear programming enables you to make the most of your entire content catalog. This includes your ‘old is gold’ section, aka older content blocks. You can create new revenue streams with the old content pieces or legacy radio archives in the form of podcasts on today’s FAST platforms.

Amagi CLOUDPORT provides you with flexible & agile means to import playlists created with your own tools or leverage our integration capabilities. It can also work with third-party scheduling tools such as MusicMaster - a popular music library and scheduling tool - to provide a frictionless scheduling workflow.

Challenge #2: How to ensure complete content discovery

No matter how good and rich your content is, it will never yield the desired monetization results if your listeners can’t find it easily. Content discovery is also critical for platforms that need to be aware of emerging artists and podcasts.

How to ensure complete content discovery

Solution: Simplification & segregation are the keys

To ensure that your entire content library is easily accessible to your listeners, create themed channels or content blocks such as New Artists or Popular Podcasts to aid in better discovery and keep viewers listening longer.

Amagi CLOUDPORT helps create favorite or popular music segments such as ‘90s pop hits’ or ‘podcast crime series’ and efficiently schedules multiple, similar form assets with a simple drag-n-drop.

Challenge #3: How to maximize audio asset engagement

Given that music and podcasts are not always graphic or video aligned, creating engaging viewing experiences can be daunting. This shortcoming can prevent you from making the most of the opportunities FAST and CTV platforms offer.

How to maximize audio asset engagement

Solution: Create immersive viewing experiences

There’s so much you can do with your audio-only content. You can combine it with dynamic graphics and take the overall viewing experience to another level.

Amagi CLOUDPORT helps you create an electrifying viewing experience using dynamic graphics, thus improving user stickiness. These include Now-Next-Later between songs or audio tracks. HTML5 graphics layering further enables the integration of social media feeds, comments, and other real-time data - ensuring a rich viewing experience. These engaging experiences provide you with the much-needed differentiator that sets you apart from your competitors.

Challenge #4: How to maximize monetization opportunities

Managing FAST platform ad load and playlist ad insertion opportunities while looking into hundreds of assets in a day’s programming schedule can be a resource and cost-intensive task.

Solution: Leverage the power of platform intelligence

Machine learning helps optimize ad break opportunities. Intelligent programming ensures content owners are compliant with the FAST platforms’ maximum ad load requirements. Additionally, dynamic overlays and split screens ads can supplement or replace disruptive ad breaks.

Amagi TORNADO automatically detects optimum SCTE (ad) markers placement to trigger server-side ad insertion to monetize your content seamlessly. Amagi THUNDERSTORM – our dynamic ad insertion (DAI) platform supports new ad formats such as dynamic brand insertion, contextual video ads, brand overlays, and split-screen experiences to maximize inventory value and create additional monetization opportunities.

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