AIRTIME Episode 2: Indian Elections and Digital Media

By Amagi - March 21, 2024
AIRTIME episode 2: Indian elections and digital media

In our recent Amagi AIRTIME webinar, our cloud thought leaders Jay Ganesan (SVP Sales, Amagi) and Richard Collins (CEO, Tellyo) discussed how election news and digital media can be the true electoral alliance that broadcasters and content creators benefit from. 

With India set for its general elections, broadcasters, content creators, and digital platforms will need to deliver seamless election news coverage in real time. From newspapers and Doordarshan to cable TV and news portals, election news coverage in India has come a long way. But today, 72% of Indian audiences prefer digital media, mainly social, as a prominent source of news consumption. Elevating your news distribution strategy with the power of cloud to reach the right audiences is critical. 

Here’s what we learned:

News coverage is moving to digital


In September 2023, the YouTube Fanfest was a prominent moment in India's news coverage history. The honorable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, addressed millions of viewers through PMO's official YouTube channel — signifying that political news and updates have joined consumers in a move to digital. 56% of viewers prefer YouTube as the primary source of news consumption, 39% prefer Facebook, 32% prefer Instagram, and 20% prefer X. 

During the election season, having a diverse social media presence, in addition to the broadcast playout, helps broadcasters reach a broader audience that includes millennials, Gen Z, Gen X and boomers. 

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Snackable content and regional news sells


People love bite-sized content that is easy to consume and share. The YouTube Culture and Trends Report 2023 states 54% of people prefer watching news clips to full-length linear broadcast news. In addition, the vast regionality of India and the languages spoken across the country make it critical to share timely and relevant election news in their native languages. Cloud technologies help cater to both the requirements of creating bite-sized content on the fly and ensuring regional election news reaches the right audiences. 

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Cloud changes the game for election news coverage


Cloud technologies offer instant access to the live broadcast stream, enabling the creation and delivery of short clips and highlights to social media apps – in fewer than 30 seconds. This radically improves the speed at which you reach the audience, which means first to publish, first to generate mass engagement, and first to go viral — in turn, becoming a trusted source of breaking news. These clips can be created for varying lengths, aspect ratios, formats and graphics.

There's an unprecedented degree of interactivity nowadays that takes place where we see the benefit of instant access to the live broadcast to be able to take short-form content from that live broadcast and share it in a personalized way per platform per audience per region. – Richard Collins, CEO, Tellyo

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Cloud redefines live production


Whether it is audio mixing, video mixing, localization, graphics, or any other functionality, cloud drives these at a fraction of the time with a few touches of the buttons. It also enables the ease of supporting multiple and parallel live events. With capabilities like adding multiple regional speakers to discuss national content, it also helps repurpose the content and generate further engagement. Cloud enhances studio capacity to keep up with the higher news volume during election season — without additional high upfront CapEx or OpEx costs. 

To learn more about how the cloud can be a game-changer for your business during this election season, watch the full webinar here.

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