Top 6 benefits of unified workflow for broadcast and OTT

By - November 30, 2023

Media and entertainment companies are increasingly adopting cloud-based video production, distribution and consumption solutions for their broadcast and streaming needs. As a result, the global cloud market is projected to grow to a whopping $376.36 billion by 2029. The trend was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic and consequent surge in video consumption. With many people at home and glued to screens, companies needed to find sturdier systems to handle the video frenzy.

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In the broadcasting world, 9 out of 10 broadcasters are actively considering cloud solutions to achieve cost savings. They are prioritizing cost optimization in their operations. Also, with viewership straddling both TV and OTT, broadcasters without an OTT presence are losing out on expansive reach and increased ROI. With the global TV broadcasting market potentially surging to $805.4 billion in 2028, now is the time to diversify your presence.

Streaming solutions redefine content delivery by offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional broadcasting. Beyond affordability, they unlock new dimensions, allowing seamless integration of gamification, real-time interactions and an enhanced user experience. 

Let’s look at how embracing the cloud can maximize the value of your content library and set you up for the future. We’ll share the various benefits broadcasters have unlocked while realizing better ROI and delivering an unparalleled experience to viewers.

The top 5 broadcasting and streaming industry trends of 2023




Before cloud-based workflows became a viable option for broadcasters, meeting peak production requirements, especially for live events, was more difficult. Infrastructure requirements were met by buying or renting technology, meaning these resources were idle during non-peak times. Additionally, old equipment became outdated quickly.

Today, broadcasters have the freedom to spin up the cloud infrastructure during the start of the event and stop it when the event ends — all without a high upfront investment or lock-in of hardware infrastructure. And with the cloud in play, broadcasters no longer have to worry about outdated equipment. The cloud helps reduce the cost and offers the flexibility to scale as required. 

Cloud playout also provides the unique ability to create and tear down pop-up channels around special events, the holiday season and more.

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Better post-production and monitoring opportunities

The post-production process in traditional broadcasting involves large-scale content transfer that is rigid and time-consuming. Cloud-based workflows simplify this process, enabling the team to upload the master content to the cloud, send low-resolution versions for post-production, make the necessary changes and push the final version back to the cloud in a batch process. Creating and publishing content from virtually anywhere makes the entire process location-independent. It also reduces the risk of files being lost during the transfer process, saving your team from redundant work.

This capability enhances broadcasters’ capacity to capture and share events, interviews and breaking news in real-time, ensuring timely content delivery. Like production, remote monitoring is also becoming commonplace, empowered by the cloud. 

Monetize your content library across the globe

Whether you are a broadcaster or a content owner, you can turn your old content archives into a gold mine with cloud workflows. How? You can generate multiple Video On Demand (VOD) and linear offerings for streaming TV by repurposing their existing library. Whether lean-forward (VOD) or lean-back (Free Ad-supported Streaming TV – FAST), the cloud helps you reach streaming TV audiences and traditional broadcast audiences. Additionally, it opens up tremendous opportunities for monetization by opening doors for advertisers to reach their audience through your content.

Cloud also helps make your content accessible worldwide, allowing you to make the most of content that would otherwise be sitting idle in the archives. Amagi recently helped Channel 4, a renowned UK broadcaster, enter the international market by launching two FAST channels in the US, available on FAST services Tubi, Plex and Xumo Play. This move into FAST added a new revenue stream for Channel 4 and reduced its dependence on traditional linear TV advertising, which is significantly declining. With CTV advertising offering personalization and reach, Channel 4’s digital offering is expected to generate 30% of total revenue by 2025. 

Experience faster channel rollout

Running pop-up channels isn’t a new concept to broadcasters. Whether it is a BBC-operated, temporary Olympics-dedicated channel or Sony Pictures Television’s Christmas-themed channel every year, pop-up channels involve no long-term commitments and offer unique experiences to viewers. Traditionally, though, launching them is expensive due to the extra infrastructure requirement. 

Unified cloud workflows allow broadcasters to take the streaming TV route in addition to Over-The-Air (OTA) medium. Cloud helps launch multiple linear channels on the go. You can spin up the channels for the required time frame and bring them down when the purpose is served. Pop-up channels are comfortable avenues to test new content, fill programming gaps or cater to specific viewer interests during certain periods.

Pluto TV was one of the earliest adopters of launching pop-up channels on OTT. They launched The Hills channel to promote the show’s upcoming reboot in 2019. They also launched the SpongeBob pop-up channel to celebrate the show’s 20th anniversary.  

For live events, especially tier-2 and tier-3 sporting events with niche audiences, spinning up and tearing down the cloud infrastructure during the beginning and end of the event is simpler and cost-effective.
Creating pop-up channels through unified cloud workflows offers broadcasters a chance to tap into previously untapped revenue streams by catering to very specific audiences. This approach also allows broadcasters to deliver highly targeted ads while maintaining an engaging viewing experience.

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Enhanced collaboration and staffing agility

The broadcast business has always been manpower-intensive. Typically, every process, from monitoring and management to review, requires skilled professionals who add to the cost of the operations. Cloud-based workflows help leverage the power of remote and allow you to build a team spanning the globe, giving access to a broader talent pool. Plus, with a single suite for playout, distribution and monetization, hiring people who can do two or more of these tasks helps optimize the cost.
With the requirement to do diverse tasks at different times for different deliveries, you can shift staff around – even within the same day – to take on tasks when they are most needed. 

Cloud improves collaboration as the solutions can be accessed from anywhere, enabling frictionless operations. 

One tech partner for all your needs

With multiple moving parts, coordinating with multiple tech vendors for different broadcasting requirements can be difficult. It makes more sense to switch from a multi-vendor operational system to a single tech partner with unified workflows. It simplifies operations and is cost-effective. 

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Amagi DYNAMIC: Amagi DYNAMIC, a non-linear live playout, helps run single or multiple concurrent live events without high upfront infrastructure investments.

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