Move FAST to Reach CTV Audiences

By Senior Director, Product Marketing, Amagi - May 18, 2023

OTT, BVOD, AVOD, MVPD…navigating the fragmentation and acronyms that characterize the streaming landscape can be daunting for today’s media buyers. At this year’s IAB Newfronts event, Amagi’s EVP and GM of Global Ad Sales, James Smith, helped to break things down and illuminate the advertiser opportunity around streaming television’s fastest growing format - free ad supported streaming (FAST). 

FAST has built a large and engaged audience by delivering a cable-like viewing experience that helps consumers break through the “paradox of choice” presented by massive VOD content libraries. For advertisers looking to reach CTV audiences, FAST is at exciting inflection point with the convergence of two trends: 1. A rapid rise in viewership and 2. More impactful and scalable advertising opportunities, thanks to the availability of FAST inventory through programmatic advertising channels. 

FAST 101: Learn more here

You can watch the presentation below for the full overview or contact us to learn more about how Amagi can help you capture the FAST advertising opportunity.


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