Automated content preparation

The manual nature of traditional broadcast systems has led to increased complexity in the entire workflow. While using the traditional system, important yet recurrent tasks need to be performed manually, leading to a resource crunch. For example, creating segments from raw data is time-consuming, tedious process that can still have a huge impact on the final production. Using the existing system, a specialist needs to be engaged full-time to create and tag segments. In addition, ensuring the integrity of media assets, and ensuring that the right asset is played, with the right parameters is a monumental task.


  • Manual processes, demanding deployment of additional resources
  • Inability to respond dynamically to demands of new media platforms
  • Time-lag due to silos in the broadcast workflow
  • Possibility of manual errors during QC

How Amagi is making broadcast simpler with automated content preparation

The broadcast system designed by Amagi uses pattern recognition, and automated rule-based validation to ensure that content is playout-ready. Amagi is also integrating machine-learning capabilities with the system to make it future-ready. The system can be deployed for the entire broadcast workflow, covering content preparation, scheduling, and playout.

How it works

Automated segmentation and QC

Amagi’s system can intelligently identify segments, and create tags which helps in storing the assets efficiently. Advanced QC can be performed using pattern recognition on all media assets to detect any abnormalities. For example, black frames or freeze frames can be detected automatically and audio levels can be corrected, or a notification can be generated for silent audio.

Automated EPG for OTT

Amagi can record incoming live feeds, record the content, and generate smaller segments real-time for OTT consumption. Amagi’s video analytics engine analyses the videos to identify smaller segments that could be of interest to OTT video viewers. For example, a highlights package could be created for a tennis or football match using only the ‘in-play’ moments, avoiding the delays, and ad-breaks. Similarly, a daily soap episode could be converted into webisodes, or promo clips using the video analytics engine.

Collaborate with external vendors for content preparation

Subtitle validation

The subtitle workflow developed by Amagi allows the TV networks to collaborate with external vendors with intelligent validation. The system can validate the subtitle file contributed by external vendors based on accuracy, length, and language. TV networks can directly access the external contributions, and approve, reject, or modify as needed.


  • Elimination of manual errors
  • Improved timelines and broadcast SLAs
  • Value-addition with cross-platform, seamless experience
  • Reduction in CAPEX and OPEX
  • Complete transparency on asset management and playout status
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