<span> Geo-target ads </span> on satellite TV

Geo-target ads on satellite TV

Generate additional ad revenues by inserting local ads on a common satellite feed.

Optimize your ad inventory and attract regional advertisers

For TV networks covering diverse geographical regions using a common satellite feed, Amagi offers an innovative solution to geo-target ads without creating a separate satellite infrastructure. Traditionally, if TV networks had to attract local or regional advertisers when broadcasting a single feed to multiple regions, they had to invest in as many satellite transponders to create ‘local’ feeds. This would mean upfront capital investment without guarantee of advertising revenue returns that is commensurate with investments. Often, this becomes a deterrent for TV networks to build new ad revenue streams.

Using Amagi STORM IRD solution for geo-targeting ads, TV networks can create as many ‘local’ feeds from a common satellite feed enabling local/regional advertisers to reach target audiences, thereby generating ad revenues which otherwise was left untapped.

For TV networks, Amagi licenses its geo-targeting solution on a revenue-share model. This makes it easy for TV networks to expand their advertising business without allocating a large CAPEX.

  • Build new ad revenue stream by splitting existing ad inventory
  • No need to create separate satellite feeds for geo-targeting ads
  • Save on upfront CAPEX using Amagi licensing model

Application areas

Attract SMEs to advertise on TV


Build a new advertiser segment, enabling them to advertise on mainstream TV channels, but reach targeted geographies in a diverse market at significantly lower costs.

Ad versioning


Allow large advertisers to split their ad inventory on a common feed to run different ad campaigns in different locations.

How it works

Amagi’s onboarding team works with customer’s technical team to set up the entire geo-targeting infrastructure and workflows.

01Install STORM IRD

Create linear channels and distribute over satellite, fiber or IP-based delivery.

02Apply ad triggers

Insert ad triggers in primary feed as per schedule.

03Deliver local ads

Deliver local ads to STORM IRD via cloud or satellite trickle bandwidth.

04Insert local ads

Frame-accurately insert local ads when triggers are recognized.

05Distribute ‘local’ feed

Distribute modified ‘local’ feeds with inserted ads

06Monitor remotely

Monitor the entire workflow from a web-based UI.


See how Amagi STORM IRD solution helps geo-target ads with greater ease & control, and maximize your ad revenues

Frame-accurate splicing

Insert local content, promos, and ads frame-accurately on a common satellite feed.

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