Broadcast Services

Everything you need to operate your channel. Anywhere, on any platform.

Services Overview

Amagi’s Managed Broadcast Services is a first-of-its-kind, cloud-managed end-to-end services encompassing content preparation, scheduling, creative services, channel playout, content delivery, 24x7 MCR operations, and monetization for live linear TV and OTT channels.

Unlike traditional managed services, Amagi is able to accelerate broadcast workflows through advanced automation techniques at all stages of the broadcast workflow. Customers have full transparency, and don't need to wait for our end of the month report. Amagi has a cloud-led best-in-class operation centre in Bangalore where it manages and supports both live and non-live channels in a 24/7 support model. Using its vast content delivery capabilities across satellite, fibre and IP distribution networks Amagi is able to broadcast content to any location on any device with broadcast grade quality.


  • Cloud-based, eliminating traditional large physical infrastructure
  • Advanced automation to accelerate broadcast workflows
  • Fully transparent operations with web UI access to customers
  • Vast network of satellite, fiber and IP distribution partners
  • Up to 99.999% SLA and 24x7 support

Media Services

As part of its media services, Amagi undertakes content preparation, creative services, and scheduling.

Content Preparation Services

We ingest and prepare content using automated workflows.

Storage and archival
Storage and archival

Live and non-live content is stored on public or private cloud. You can access all your content through web UI.

Content QC and edits
Content QC and edits

Automated QC is performed for both content quality and broadcast regulations.

Metadata creation
Metadata creation

Metadata of content assets is created and enriched using automation.

VOD conversion
VOD conversion

Live feeds are automatically recorded to generate frame-accurate VOD content.

Creative Services

Complete channel packaging

We design engaging channel experience from scratch. Amagi’s creative team can also work with your channel’s existing design style, to create promos, highlights, and full screen animations.


Scheduling Services

Presentation schedules

Our scheduling experts build frame-accurate schedule based on your program grid, including ad traffic scheduling. These error-free, real-time playout schedules on the cloud will be always accessible to the broadcasters through Amagi’s web-based UI.

Presentation schedules

Playout Services

As part of its playout services, Amagi offers channel playout and 24x7 monitoring services. If you are looking for live events and sports broadcast services, click here.

Channel Playout

We create broadcast-grade sports/news and thematic channels for TV and OTT.

Primary feeds
Primary feeds

Get fully managed rich, branded linear channels, custom built for your content.

Regional sub-feeds
Regional sub-feeds

Localize your channels for every geography with opt-outs and time-shifting.

Pop-up channels
Pop-up channels

Start and terminate channels at will, anywhere in the world, without long-term Infrastructure investment.

24x7 monitoring

We provide broadcast-grade SLAs with 24x7 monitoring and look-ahead playout services with dedicated L1, L2 and L3 support infrastructure.

Tx and Rx monitoring

Amagi works with worldwide partners to monitor feeds exactly as they are received by viewers. We use sophisticated machine-learning technology to eliminate manual errors in monitoring to ensure highest SLA.

Look-ahead playout

Amagi offers look-ahead playout prior to six hours of on-air schedule. This allows the monitoring team to spot any errors and quality issues in advance and rectify them before actually broadcasting.


Delivery Services

Amagi delivers content to any device, any region through its global network of teleports, fiber POPs, CDNs, and 100+ operators across 40+ countries.

Delivery Services


How is Amagi different from traditional managed services providers?

Amagi’s managed broadcast services is different in many progressive ways. To begin with, it’s a cloud-led managed services. So, there’s no need for large physical infrastructure and workforce to manage operations. Unlike other managed services, Amagi relies on its own cloud-based playout platform, CLOUDPORT, to deliver the core playout services. This gives customers enhanced flexibility to spin up new feeds for different regions/platforms as all the content is ingested and stored on cloud. Additionally, Amagi managed services packs in advanced automation to improve overall broadcast efficiencies. Finally, at all times the customer has full visibility into all the workflows through a web UI.

I have a sports channel? Does Amagi manage live events and sports broadcast

Yes, Amagi provides live events and sports broadcast services. You can contact us to know more.

How secure is the cloud? What if you get hacked?

Amagi’s offering is built on some of the most secure cloud instances available, such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Content, playout, and all assets such as graphics are stored with advanced 128-bit encryption. Additionally, Amagi’s user interface is protected by user defined access to avoid any unauthorized access.

What SLAs can you guarantee?

Amagi can guarantee an SLA of up to 99.999%. In case of an end-to-end playout and delivery service, distribution SLAs may vary based on the choice of satellite or fiber vendor. Amagi also guarantees resolution of critical issues within one hour and provides a 1+1 redundant playout configuration.

How do you provide 24x7 support? How do you ensure 365x24x7 uptime for my channel?

Amagi’s services are offered in ‘follow-the-sun’ model with a full-fledged playout management facility located in Bangalore. Amagi’s user interface enables the playout management teams to provide 24x7 support remotely. The playout management services offer three levels of support to ensure maximum uptime for your channel.

What support is included in your offering?

Amagi offers on-call and email L1, and L2 support, and L3 technical support for all customer deployments, and uses JIRA ticket management system for on-time resolution of all issues.

  • L1 Support is the first point of contact for any issues and is responsible for ticketing and monitoring. - L2 support team includes direct phone or email-based ticket resolution for all CLOUDPORT playout platform issues. - L3 support team works on issues that may require bug fixes or enhancement requests.

I want my feed to go to multiple countries with different time zones? Do you support it? How?

Amagi can create a regional or time-adjusted feed using the edge or cloud playout solutions. Both options eliminate the need to launch multiple satellite or fiber feeds.

For Edge playout, content can be sent to the CLOUDPORT edge playout servers using internet. Once the content is stored on edge servers, playout can be managed remotely as per regional schedule using the web user interface.

Cloud playout can be used for purely cloud-based delivery. In this case, the channel playout is completely on cloud, and final output is directly sent to the operator.