New York, August 10, 2023

Newco embraces FAST, partners with Amagi and AD Digital to kickstart their streaming journey

Newco embraces FAST, partners with Amagi and AD Digital to kickstart their streaming journey
Amagi, the global leader in cloud-based SaaS technology for broadcast and connected TV, and AD Digital, their strategic and technical partner in Brazil, today announced a partnership with Newco – a part of the communication group Bandeirantes and one of the media leaders in the Brazilian market - to launch and distribute Newco’s Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST) channels. The channels - New Brasil and Empreender – will be launched on Samsung TV Plus’ TVP Brazil platform. 

Newco’s channels will cater to viewers in the United States and Latin America with a wide variety of quality programming across genres including Sports, News and Entertainment. In the coming months, Amagi will distribute the channels to leading FAST platforms in other international markets. Amagi’s cutting-edge cloud-playout solution, Amagi CLOUDPORT, is the technology backbone behind Newco’s transition to FAST. Additionally, Newco has deployed Amagi THUNDERSTORM’s dynamic ad insertion services to increase their ad revenue opportunities.

“New Brasil’s entrance into FAST is the company’s first step to embracing this new horizon that grows every day worldwide. While our core mission remains the same, we believe in staying tuned to new opportunities in the dynamic world of media and entertainment. The Brazilian market too is constantly evolving, and FAST channels are much sought after, providing more options for entertainment and information”, said Paulo Saad, Newco and Grupo Bandeirantes’ VP

Srinivasan KA, Amagi’s Co-founder & Chief Revenue Officer, said, "Amagi is excited to be selected as the technology partner facilitating Newco's expansion into the FAST market. We are fully committed to empowering them in expanding their reach and maximizing their revenue through our cutting-edge services, fostering an even brighter future for Newco's premium content in the region."

Newco’s technology transition to FAST was also facilitated by AD Digital, which has been working as a partner for FAST channel implementation in Brazil. The company participated in the planning and implementation of Newco’s channel launch and was instrumental in providing post-launch support. 

"We're excited to be a part of the next chapter in Newco's journey. The new channel brings fresh and interesting content ideas, and at AD Digital, we're eager to help them with this mission. We'll guide them into new ways of sharing their content, like using FAST channels,” said Daniela Souza, AD Digital’s Senior Vice President. 'We're watching closely as FAST grows in Brazil, and we believe that Newco joining FAST will add a lot to the mix. To me, it's like another important piece of this fast-moving puzzle."

Amagi delivers linear channels in over 40 countries around the world, with the majority of clients from the American market. Amagi's customer list includes ABS-CBN, AccuWeather, A+E Networks UK, Cinedigm, Cox Media Group, Crackle Plus, Fremantle, Gannett, Gusto TV, NBCUniversal, Tastemade, The Roku Channel, and numerous other global companies. 

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About AD Digital
AD Digital is focused on co-creating innovation, integration, and service delivery solutions within media ecosystems. The company seeks to unify strategy and technology to support its clients in a variety of initiatives, from solution integration to transformation consulting, providing each project with a unique approach, focused on the objectives and KPIs of each business. With over 28 years of experience, AD Digital has offices in São Paulo, New York, and Miami, and is ready to support companies throughout Latin America and the USA.

About Amagi
Amagi is a next-generation media technology company that provides cloud broadcast and targeted advertising solutions to broadcast TV and streaming TV platforms. Amagi enables content owners to launch, distribute and monetize live linear channels on Free Ad-supported Streaming TV and video services platforms. Amagi also offers 24x7 cloud-managed services bringing simplicity, advanced automation, and transparency to the entire broadcast operations. Overall, Amagi supports 700+ content brands, 800+ playout chains, and over 2100 channel deliveries on its platform in over 40 countries. Amagi has a presence in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, London, Paris, Melbourne, Seoul, Singapore, and broadcast operations in New Delhi, and an innovation center in Bangalore.