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Amagi FAST Report #4: The Rise of Advertising

Amagi FAST Report #4: The Rise of Advertising

Welcome to the fourth edition of Amagi Global FAST Report, May 2022

Advertising grabs headlines

Clearly, it is a season where advertising has become the topic of discussion and debates in the media & entertainment industry.

Subscription based streamers are increasingly mulling over the idea of launching ad supported packages and platforms as they combat the challenge of sustaining their consumer base and revenues.

Against this background, we are glad to showcase the continuing rise of advertising performance on FAST platforms.

Download our latest report to explore data and insights into:
  • Audience engagement on FAST channels across regions
  • Ad performance – with focus on key metrics such as ad impressions, ad opportunities and user drop rate
  • Promising debut of Dynamic Brand Insertion (DBI) or instream advertising
  • The phenomenal growth in performance of FAST channels across APAC
Peek into some of the top data in the report
  • Ad impressions grew by 109% YoY
  • Total hours of viewing (HOV) grew by 84% YoY
  • Total number of channels delivered grew 2.2X YoY
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