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Amagi FAST Report #6: Riding High in Europe

Amagi FAST Report #6: Riding High in Europe

Dive into the sixth edition of Amagi Global FAST Report, January 2023

Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST) shows promising growth in Europe

Despite the challenging macro environment, data and insights from Amagi’s homegrown data analytics platform – Amagi ANALYTICS, and the Q4 2022 Amagi UK Consumer Survey show that FAST is likely to see incremental growth in Europe.

A sneak peek into some of the most critical data from the report

The Consumer Survey we conducted in October 2022 across 600 households in the UK (the most mature Connected TV market in Europe) revealed the following:

  • 33% of consumers would give up TV subscriptions as a cost-cutting measure
  • 77% would switch from SVOD to FAST

Data from Amagi ANALYTICS shows:

  • Ad impressions grew by 99.97%
  • Channel deliveries increased by 90%
  • Total Hours of Viewing (HOV) went up by 51.30%
  • Average session duration increased by 32.86%

The report also explores the following:

  • Evolving television viewing habits make way for FAST
  • New FAST hotbeds across Europe
  • Non-English-language channels swiftly gain ground
  • Performance of FAST across different regions
  • Performance of various content genres across regions
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