Choosing the right live sports orchestration solution

Choosing the right live sports orchestration solution

Looking to hit the ball out of the park and dazzle your audiences with flawless sports broadcasting? Get the right cloud-architected, live sports orchestration solution.

With a staggering increase in the number of live events across the globe, now is an opportune time for sports broadcasters to leverage cloud technology to revive the splendor of sports. Not merely on cable and satellite but also across connected TV including the rising star of OTT - Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST).

Grab the moment; give sports the cloud power.

Running a linear channel with live programming, rich graphics and a flawless, low latency viewing experience can be a challenging task for sports broadcasters. Let’s change that by choosing and implementing the right cloud-native live solution.

Choose a versatile, cloud-based live sports orchestration platform that helps you spin-up live channels instantly and orchestrate broadcast-grade live content on the go.

Read our latest Point of View (POV) paper to deep dive into the key capabilities you must look for in a live orchestration solution.

  • Scalability & flexibility
  • Low latency for a great QoE
  • 4K UHD with rich audio-video experience
  • Support for multiple ingestion and delivery formats
  • Real time control over breaks & graphics
  • Rich HDR graphics with DVE effects & HTML graphics

and more….

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