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Amagi FAST Report #10: The untapped gold mine of ad dollars

Amagi FAST Report #10: The untapped gold mine of ad dollars

As FAST grows, ad spending shifts from Pay TV to CTV

“Consumer preferences actively steer toward streaming, free access, and a laid-back viewing experience, catalyzing remarkable growth in the FAST audience.” - Gavin Bridge, Vice President, Media Research at CRG Global and FASTMaster
With FAST continuing to deliver the promise of opportunity, scale, and reach, ad dollars are steadily shifting from SVOD to FAST. Globally, between Q4 2022 and Q4 2023, FAST has seen a 28% increase in ad impressions and a 26% uptick in Hours of Viewing (HOV). With a surge in the number of channel deliveries in 2023 (1,400 by Amagi), FAST is poised to drive CTV advertising. 

Noteworthy takeaways from the report: 


  • In-depth data on Year-over-Year growth in channel deliveries, ad impressions and Hours of Viewing (HOV)
  • Top genres resonating on global and regional scales 
  • APAC and LATAM’s huge growth in ad impressions
  • News tops the charts as a favorite genre across geographies, contributing to 37% of overall HOV and 35% of total ad impressions

Data from the January 2024 Amagi Consumer Survey reveals:


  • Viewers love free: 61% of the respondents are willing to watch free, good-quality content in exchange for watching ads
  • Two minutes of ads per hour: 39% are OK watching 1–2 minutes of ads for every hour of content; only 12% are OK watching 5 minutes of ads per hour
  • Non-intrusive ads preferred: 41% of the survey respondents prefer watching non-intrusive ads at the bottom of the screen, while 39% find personalized ads useful
  • And more details on consumers' viewing habits
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