5 Ways to Maximize Your O&O Ad Revenues

5 Ways to Maximize Your O&O Ad Revenues

Your Owned and Operated (O&O) app has an expansive library, but is that enough to reach your revenue target?

In today’s competitive media landscape, adding high-quality content to your O&O app library no longer suffices. A solid content monetization strategy helps make the cut by pinpointing the target audience and generating ad revenue. 

The two most important questions to ask:

  • With audiences becoming averse to irrelevant ads, how do you ensure your ads stick? 
  • While doing so, how do you maximize your ad revenue at every stage, from targeting to performance tracking?

Personalized, non-intrusive, and contextual advertising is the key. A cloud solution that helps deliver the same opens the door to enhanced ad opportunities.

In this point of view paper, we’ve discussed how to:

  • Deliver hyper-targeted ads with sophisticated Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI)
  • Enhance ad fill rate with programmatic advertising 
  • Look beyond regular commercial breaks and leverage innovative in-content ad formats 
  • Effectively optimize the ad length and more
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