Want a secure broadcast workflow? Move to the Cloud

Want a secure broadcast workflow? Move to the Cloud
The anxiety of letting go of your content: Security concerns & fears

Historically, broadcasters had all their content, with their processing and the distribution models, all on premises. They were comfortable with the physical proximity of everything they did, whether it was the processing, the content, or the controls that they needed to access.

Moving to the cloud was a physical separation between the content and the operators. This anxiety was similar to the early days of banking, when people moved their money from under their mattresses to a locked building run by people they didn't know. Content is the crown jewel of any media company and so the same sorts of security conscious conversations played out in content businesses when cloud storage - and later, fully cloud-based workflows - were introduced.

Coming into the cloud fresh, there was anxiety about identifying all the potential threats

Control access: The first concern was being able to control access to the content. To use the bank analogy - how can I be certain that someone with a six-shooter and a black hat can't just walk into the bank, say he's me, and ride away with my money? And how can I access from within my organization. How can I make sure that editors have access to all the assets they need, but still keep them protected from a well-meaning assistant.

Encryption & security: Beyond ensuring user authentication, will the content by encrypted and secured to a point that if it does get into the wrong hands - is stolen by hackers, say - that the material can't be used or accessed in any meaningful way without the proper permissions.

As playout from the cloud became a viable option, a new set of anxieties reared their heads.

Reaching the right audience: When content finally leaves the cloud storage and heads off through an IP pipe out into the public internet, how do you know it's going to the right people - the right subscribers, the right territories, the right content partners?

Monetization: How can you be certain that it's getting monetized via the proper paying customers and the right advertising?

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